Proudly display your love for the USMC on the back of your badass Jeep with these custom Spare Tire Covers.

The Cover Itself

This MGV & SV combination spare tire cover is suitable for most climates found throughout the continental United States. (marine grade vinyl - scrim vinyl) Top of the line UV resistant, latex optimized, scratch resistant inks are used when digitally printing the design onto the SV giving it a slight gloss that produces a vibrant image that'll last for years to come. The tread area of the spare tire is covered with black MGV that features a 'tough as nails' 90 lb rope casing. This spare tire cover also features a set of heavy duty grommets as well as a heavy duty locking zip tie to help prevent theft. It does not come with a lock.

 *** This is a custom, made-to-order product. We will not issue a refund or a replacement if you've mistakenly ordered the wrong spare tire cover size. If we are unclear about your custom tire size, we'll reach out via email.

*** We WILL NOT accept requests for spare tire covers for the following sizes: 85.8" or  86.8".

Tire Size

This spare tire cover comes in many common tire sizes. Triple check your spare tire's size before ordering. Not sure what size it is? Email us a photo of the entire outside of your tire and we'll do our best to help you figure it out.

Don't see your spare tire size listed? Select "CUSTOM", then input your custom tire size in the box, or request it here:

Back-up Camera

Got a NEW'ish Jeep that has a factory built-in back-up camera? We can handle that! *** Please note that the image size and location changes to accommodate a 2" X 4" hole the hole when you select "YES BACKUP CAMERA". This should also work with after-market back-up cameras that are off-center south, but we do not promise it will. If you're not completely sure, email us a photo of your setup and we'll try to sort it out for you:


Our vendor in Kentucky will print and ship your spare tire cover within 2-7 days after receiving your order. It will come in 30" x 13" x 3" sized box and weighs approximately 3 lbs. After it ships, you'll get a tracking number via email to follow. It should arrive in 3-7 days. If it doesn't arrive, be sure to contact us. Spare Tire Covers ship separately from all other items in your cart.


All spare tire covers come with a one-year limited warranty from our vendor. If the print fades or the vinyl fails within 365 days of the date of delivery, the vendor will print and ship you a replacement spare tire cover. No refunds will be issued. We will not replace it if the print/vinyl is scratched, rubbed, marred or torn as a result an outside acting force.

Spare Tire Cover Care

Got it muddy? Hand wash only with hot soapy water, then rinse and repeat as needed! DO NOT use a pressure washer or any harsh chemicals to clean. REMOVE cover prior to entering any drive thru car-wash. Do not wash in a washing machine or put in the dryer.

Stay Motivated!