LAPD-GED-6 Design

LAPD-GED-6 Design

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This is a Los Angeles Police Department Gang Enforcement Detachment 6 design by special request.

This graphic was recreated from an image that was submitted via email.

The BACK graphic features 3 swords covered by a shield with a blue line behind the number 6. Below the number is a banner featuring the text: "FACTA NON VERBA". 

The FRONT graphic features the same shield and number six with the banner text reading: "GANG". 

With the purchase of this design, you'll get two edits to address any issues of color/shading/gradient or size/layout/ etc. 

This is an Adobe illustrator Vector Graphic that is scalable. You will need Adobe Illustrator to open it. We can export to any file type/size (.png, .jpg, .pdf etc) as requested or needed.

Add to cart. Purchase and you will see the link to download the file. We can also email it to you after purchase as a back up if needed. Message us on IG: @larsocrepublic or via email:

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