Microwave Pirates Design

Microwave Pirates Design

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A short description of the image created:

It features two microwave dishes mounted on a comms tower in the back of a white pickup truck with a utility bed. There's a black flag mounted on the tower with a skull over crossed tools; a spud wrench and a 10mm wrench.  The same skull is featured on the rear door of the quad cab body and has the text "Microwave Pirates" on the driver's door. The truck has mud tires mounted in the front and the back.

What's in your download:

1 X adobe illustrator file (see image)

Design fee: $150 in addition to a $50-$100 donation to the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion Association. (you mentioned $75 was good for you)

Link: http://www.1stlarbnassoc.org/donate/

In your memo, please write why you're donating.

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