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Want to represent your beloved Marine Corps battalion on a 4" vinyl sticker by slapping it on your travel mug, notebook computer, tool box, or POV? Can't find them online? Don't have the highest quality artwork or can't afford the 50-100 count minimum from other sticker makers? 

Look no further! The LARSOC REPUBLIC has your back for any battalion crest we currently have artwork for. If you saw it on our site, we most likely have the artwork. If you don't see it, we probably do not have it.

We offer a 10 pack of 4" Vinyl Stickers for just $15 with shipping included!

Whether it's on the back of laptop computer or on the tool box in the He-Shed/She-Shed, these highly motivational 4" Vinyl Stickers will help you Stay Motivated! They come with the BATTALION CREST design you requested and have a premium glossy coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last a long while. Perfect for the tool box, a notebook computer, a travel mug, and your personal vehicle.

The LARSOC REPUBLIC is proud to offer you these battalion stickers. Whether you’re looking for a daily reminder for yourself or a family member/friend that served with the Marine Corps, you can’t go wrong with a sticker that shows the pride a Marine has. 

Whether on a POV or a travel mug, these stickers will constantly motivate you or your Marine. It's good for you. It's good for me. 

Make someone you love feel pride every time they see their battalion logo on this sticker. Remind them that they're Marines. Gift it to your mom, dad, daughter, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or best friend for NOV. 10TH, or any other occasion where gifts and motivation is needed. 

Our badass vinyl stickers stand to just like you or your Marine has. Marines are tough as they come and so are these long lasting vinyl stickers.

• High Gloss

• Premium Vinyl

• Long Lasting

• 4" Height or Width Max

• 4" Die-Cut or 4" Circumference MAX

Stay Motivated!

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* No REFUNDS on stickers. 

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* Not recommended for super cold or super dry-hot climates.

 Semper Fidelis