Stauffer's Roughnecks Design

Stauffer's Roughnecks Design

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This is a Blue Platoon design by special request from Anthony Cortez.

This graphic was recreated from an idea that was submitted via email.

The BACK graphic features crossed barbed wire bats with a skull centered with brass knuckles below. It features the text "stauffer's roughnecks" top centered with "everyone fights - no one quits" below. 

The FRONT graphic features an LAV-25 silhouette centered on a Marine Raider Shield with the text "blue plt (platoon)" centered below. 

This is the final version.

This is an Adobe illustrator Vector Graphic that is scalable. You will need Adobe Illustrator to open it. We can export to any file type/size (.png, .jpg, .pdf etc) as requested or needed.

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