Brothers & Sisters, 

On 26 MARCH, 2020, we posted our first update regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and how it affects the LARSOC REPUBLIC storefront. ( LINK ) Here's what's new!

All T-Shirts and Hoodie sales are expected to return back to something close to normal around 15 April, 2020. If you have a T-Shirt/Hoodie order in the print queue, please note that this date might change (later) as the situation progresses. Our comms are up and running, so email us with any questions:

Our printer was shut down in SoCal and is moving a portion of it to Montana! We project shipping to your door on or before 1 June, 2020 (latest, but we hope earlier). We love our printer and are sticking with him through his difficult time. Stay Motivated, Nate! 

As always, a 100% REFUND is still in play if you'd like to cancel any T-Shirt/Hoodie you've ordered and it hasn't shipped yet. Mugs, Stickers, Single-sided Flags, Spare Tire Covers, Trucker Caps, & Koozies are all shipping normally. (Double sided 3D LAR BN and LARSOC REPUBLIC 3' X 5' indoor/outdoor flags are expected to be delayed as well).

Stay Motivated!

Semper Fidelis,

"Today Will Be The Same"

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