Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy


If you are not 100% satisfied with one of our products, you may not return it. You can keep it or ask for a refund! We will not consider any items for return that are defective due to a bad print or craftsmanship. We will, however, send you a new one if we find that we are at fault in some way; ie. a bad print, a broken or damaged item as a result of shipping, etc. This will be done at our expense.

We do however require proof of purchase to honor this. If you provide us your information when you check out, we will typically have a record of your purchase.

Gift Returns

Did someone gift you something from the LARSOC REPUBLIC storefront? Are you not 100% satisfied with it? You'll have to contact them as they are the purchaser. We only deal with the original customer.

Special Conditions

To protect all our customers and make sure that we handle interaction with reasonable fairness. We cannot issue a new item or a refund in certain situations, including:

  • Products damaged by misuse, abuse, improper care or negligence, or accidents (including pet damage)
  • Products showing excessive wear and tear
  • Products lost or damaged due to fire, flood, or natural disaster
  • Products with a missing label or label that has been defaced
  • Products returned for personal reasons unrelated to product performance or satisfaction
  • Products that have been soiled or contaminated
  • On rare occasions, past habitual abuse of our Return Policy

We give refunds on a case by case basis. Usually only when requested and when we feel like it if the customer has a legitimate complaint and a replacement item just won't settle the issue. We believe in consumer protection laws as well as business protection laws. Please see your state law regarding refunds and be sure to mention it when making a refund request. We aren't lawyers and don't know everything.

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