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Want to represent your beloved design on a 4" vinyl sticker by slapping it on your travel mug, notebook computer, tool box, or POV? Can't find them online? Don't have the highest quality artwork or can't afford the 50-100 count minimum from other sticker makers? 

Look no further! The LARSOC REPUBLIC has your back for any design we currently have artwork for. If you saw it on our site, we most likely have the artwork on hand. If you don't see it, we might have it or might be able to recreate it. Send us message!

Enter your design name above the ADD TO CART button. Use abbreviations where needed.

About the Sticker:

  • High Gloss
  • Premium Vinyl
  • Long Lasting
  • 4" Height or Width Max
  • 4" Die-Cut or 4" Circumference maximum

Restrictions Apply:

  • Stickers will ship separately from all items other than stickers in your cart
  • No REFUNDS on stickers
  • No Tracking Numbers on stickers. You will not get a tracking number. Shipping from Taiwan usually takes around 10-14 business days. We do not guarantee a shipping arrival time.
  • Stickers should be ready to ship and most likely will arrive within 30 days after purchase. We'd love to guarantee a shipping date, but international mail arrival dates fluctuate depending on the volume of mail the USPS has to process. We currently have a 100% delivery success rate.
  • Not recommended for super cold or super dry-hot climates.

NOTES: We'll mock your design up and show you before it gets printed.

*If we don't have your unit on hand, we may be able to re-create it. A $50-$150 design fee may apply. Message us to make sure we have it prior to purchasing these custom stickers.

Stay Motivated!


Do not put this 4" Vinyl Sticker on your Active-Duty/Reserve Vehicle or affix it anywhere on a US Government run installation or on US Government owned property. Doing so is a punishable offense under the UCMJ and could lead to NJP proceedings or a court martial of which may result in you being kicked out of the United States Marine Corps.

Stay Motivated!