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These motivational custom graphic flags are a true conversation piece. 

About the flag:
  • 12" X 18 " or 3' X 5'
  • Solid Color Header
  • Single Sided - Reads correct on one side only (semi-transparent)
  • Double Sided - Reads correct on both sides
  • Two Grommets
  • 100% Polyester Knit
  • Indoor Use Recommended
Enter your UNIT name above the ADD TO CART button. Use abbreviations where needed.

ex/ - PLT = PLATOON.  CO = COMPANY.  BN = BATTALION.  SQ = SQUADRON.  DIV = DIVISION.  REG = REGIMENT.  USMC = United States Marine Corps.  USAF = United States Air Force.  USSF = United States Space Force.  USN =     United States Navy.  USCG =     United States Coast Guard.  USARMY =     United States Army

This is a custom unit design. It comes with your unit design on a flag. See attached images for reference.

NOTES: We'll mock your design up and show you before it gets printed. Coverage of design on flag might also differ from image.

*If we don't have your unit on hand, we may be able to re-create it. A $50-$150 design fee may apply. Message us to make sure we have it prior to purchasing this custom flag.

This flag will be ready to ship within 20 days after your unit design is confirmed and the order is received by the vendor. Shipping will take an additional 3-5 days making the total time from order to your door around 2-3 weeks.

Stay Motivated!


Do not fly this 3'X5' X flag from your Active-Duty/Reserve Vehicle. Doing so is a punishable offense under the UCMJ and could lead to NJP proceedings or a court martial of which may result in you being kicked out of the United States Marine Corps.

Stay Motivated!